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Tasneem Alam is an award-winning multidisciplinary facilitator, educator, activist, and artist. With over fifteen years of academic and professional experience in counseling, stage/film performance, and theatrical/film production, coupled with her wealth of personal experience as a marginalized individual, she offers a remarkable blend of honest yet kind insight and raw artistry to her various projects. 


Relative to her time spent as both an IT analyst and as a mental healthcare practitioner, Tasneem’s special areas of expertise when it comes to production are operational efficiency and diversity/intersectionality auditing. Currently, she is focusing creative and professional energy on the development of restorative and transformational justice accountability processes within her social and artistic communities, augmenting her ongoing work providing consent education workshops and working as a diversity/equity/accessibility/inclusivity consultant.


In addition to this professional and personal experience, Tasneem is a proud queer femme of color who holds a BA in Psychology (Wesleyan University) and an MSW (New York University) with a concentration in Substance Abuse Recovery Counseling, as well as SAMHSA training and a NYC DOH certificate for sexual violence intervention advocacy and counseling. ”

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