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Scott Langer is the founder of Ninety 90 Pictures. He received his B.A in Film Studies from the University of Colorado-Boulder and studied Method Acting at Lee Strasberg Institute in New York City.


After years of struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, he decided it was time to get sober. Scott credits the support he received from other artists in recovery and his family with saving his life. While the support of friends and family helped get him clean- it was a combination of their support, creating art, and having a job that kept Scott sober.


In 2018, Langer knew he needed to create something, anything to keep moving forward. He returned to his theater roots by writing Amanda the Barbarian which he also directed and starred in. It premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and was filled with early sobriety-manic-brain-on-fire energy. 


The following year he was determined to write something more grounded and universal. He wrote Thank You For Loving Me (, a play about a couple on the last day of their relationship as they recreate their highs and lows with differing perceptions of events.  With more lucidity and help producing the play from people who now believed in him, TYFLM received a 100% rating on and won the Producers’ Encore Award which extended the play’s run.


In the summer of 2019, Sam Quinn, Scott’s co-star in TYFLM asked him to be the Art Director on his horror short film titled Stay Calm. There were 7 people on the Stay Calm set that were in varying stages of sobriety. The set by chance and not by design, was a safe space with peer support systems in place for people in recovery.


5 days in 100-degree heat in Joshua Tree on the Stay Calm set is where Scott's idea for Ninety 90 Pictures came from- to hire people in ALL stages of recovery for projects. By grouping those who are struggling with those firmly in recovery it will create a symbiotic relationship that inspires and supports everyone’s journey.  

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